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0 All Magnetic Products

Have back pain or wrist pain from too much time at the computer? Try a patented magnetic back support, wrist support, and more. Medical magnets medically proven for pain relief and anti-aging.

100% Pure Tahitian Noni Juice

Online ordering of Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) juice, Noni Cream, Tamanu Oil, and Tamanu Cream.

1st Online Pharmacy Guide

Only online pharmacies with a reputation for quality products and outstanding customer service are listed.

Archangel Health and Nutrition Store

Your source for premium quality nutritional supplements and natural health products including: multivitamins, herbal formulations, weight loss and athletic performance, skin care, and more!

Quality online counseling, medical information and help, hypnosis audios and mental health educational videos. A complete health care clinic!

Beauty Worlds: The Culture of Beauty

All about beauty in nature and cultures past and present with informative articles on beauty, fashion, hairstyles and ranging over topics from Aztecs to orchids.

Best buy home water filter (filtration) system

Improve your health substantially with the benefits of clean, pure living water from your own home water filter. Buy this water filtration system and get rewarded with shopper's rewards too

Biofeedback game trainers to prevent chronic stress

Computer game trainers to prevent chronic stress by means of biofeedback. Playing our games you learn the skills of relaxation. Play online or download free games.


Training, certification, and continuing education for Personal Trainers, Group/Aerobics Instructors & Wellness Consultants.

Buy Cheap Viagra

Has it been a while since you have been able to have sex? If you are having problems getting an erection buy cheap Viagra to get an erection and to get a new lease on your life!

Buy Ultram

Are you a constant pain sufferer? Would you like relief to lead a fully functioning life? Ultram is available here to help treat your pain.

Cancer Prevention

Helping people with scientific information on how to become aware of avoidable risks of cancer and how to live a healthy life free of cancer and illness with non toxic products

Colon Therapeutics Inc

FDA Registered Manufacturer of Quality Colonic Irrigation Equipment, Disposable Supplies, and Certified Training for 25 years.

Coral Calcium

Offering Coral Calcium vitamins and calcium information

Critter Cookies

Gourmet dog biscuits by Critter Cookies. Healthy, Delicious Treats for your Best Friend. We use only premium quality human-grade ingredients. We do not add any salt, chemicals or preservatives.

Diabetes Product

Risotriene - a natural superfood nutrition product for diabetics

Dmd Weight Loss

Weight Loss and Nutrition products available. 20% off select programs and Free gift w/ first time buy!

Don Lemmon's Truth About Exercise & Nutrition

Official website author and nutritionist who's book has out sold Atkins, the Zone and all other diets online for 3 years now. His clients are some of the most photographed bodies in the world.

Dreaming Earth Botanicals

Aromatherapy grade essential oils - 100% pure and natural - plus massage and carrier oils, flower waters, aromatherapy kits and diffusers, workshops and free info, newsletter and advice.


Guide to the resources for locating the most relevant drug information on the Web.

Permanently Lose Weight (FAT) WITHOUT Supplements or Drugs; Free Personal Training! - Powerful Fitness Information

For top-quality, free information on fitness, exercise, fat loss, nutrition, muscle building and more visit us today!

Green Barley - Barley Green 100% Organic

Certified organic, processed in New Zealand, free deliveries round the world, best prices on the net, for natural, effective, herbal treatment.

Hair Growth Solutions

Offering an alternative, herbal-based product for stopping excess hair loss while maximizing new hair growth. Safe, effective & inexpensive to use...for both men and women. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Happy Hour Bartending and Cocktails

Bartending and Cocktail guide. Bartending techniques for home, novice and professional bartenders alike. Spirit and liqueur dictionary, bar set up, cocktails and much more!

A Healing Place

Energetic Healing, Distant Healing, Intuitive Work, Chaldean Astrology and More

Herbs Herbal remedy Alternative Medicine Aromatherapy

Herbs Herbal remedy is Alternative medicine. Use aromatherapy, herbs, Green tea, herbal tea, for health online.!


Herbs-Health: holistic healing for Body, Mind, and Spirit. Offering Hawaiian healing retreats, single and group; consultations,classes, products.


See immediately how much weight you are losing and much more.

Liqua Fit Energy and Weight Loss Drops

The newest generation of Fat burners. Unlike other products, our formula is liquid. This allows quick absorption making Exercise Drops the most effective fat burner on the market today!

Lots of SkinCare, and skin care products.

Best beauty, cosmetics, makeup, fragrances, perfumes, spas and giftbaskets. Find serious, natural, and nonallergic skin care products to pamper your skin.

Mega Nutrition

one of the largest nutritional supplements, diet and weight loss, body building, vitamins and sports nutrition sites on the Internet, with hundreds of deeply discounted products at savings of 30%-75%.

Muscle Mass WITHOUT Supplements Or Drugs; Free Personal Training

Nasal Spray Addiction???

Addicted to nasal spray?? Get help fast! Don't wait another day, it's easy to stop!!

Natural Progesterone Cream

Natural Progesterone Cream, Estro All Natural Estrogen Cream, DHEA Plus, Andro Power, plus many more natural hormone replacements.

Noni Juice, TriVita, Calorad, Agrisept, Oxy-up, Viacreme

Order Noni Juice, TriVita, Calorad, Agrisept, Kinotakara,Viacreme, Oxy-up, skin care, anti aging, hair care products and other nutritional supplements.

Nutrition Focus

Registered dietitian for ALL of your nutritional and weight loss needs! Find free recipes, tips, calculators, articles and more! Shop for all of your nutritional and weight loss needs!

Practical Hypnosis

Hypnosis, self hypnosis, and hypnotherapy explained.


As heard on National Radio across America! Ultimate organic liquid health supplement thats sweeping the nation! Free shipping, booklet and tapes! (USA only)

Seasilver - Amazing Liquid Supplement

This great tasting liquid supplement will increase your energy and more in just 15 minutes for less than a dollar a day. Seasilver contains every vitamin, mineral, amino acid and enzyme known!

Serendipity Aromatherapy

Serendipity Aromatherapy is an essential oil selection tool. This software simplifies aromatherapy so that everyone can enjoy and use essential oils safely and successfully. FREE 30 day trial.

Spirit in Action Center

A Center in Tucson, AZ designed to help you in your search for well being, social harmony and spiritual growth.

Thermoflow Products - Natural Far Infrared healing & pain relief.

Thermoflow garments use ceramic impregnated material that reflects Far Infrared Rays (FIR) back into the body. Cost effective therapy for pain relief, injury prevention and overall health.

TriVita Way Sublingual B-12

TriVita Sublingual B12, B6 and Folic acid and nutritional products, vitamin shopping, natural diet supplements, antioxidant products and information on how to start a business from home.

Viacreme, viacream, viagra

Viacreme - Reach orgasm more often and more quickly. Increase your sexual sensation !

Viagra Cialis Online

Free Medical Consultation for online purchase of Viagra and other Men's Health medication. Learn about new upcoming drug Cialis.

Viagra Online

Buy Viagra, Phentermine, Didrex, Bontril, Tenuate and other FDA approved Prescription drugs online. Fedex same day shipping. Free online consultations.

Vitamins for Women

Vitamins, nutritional products and beauty aids for women from the best manufacturers at discount prices.

Whispering Sky Astrology

this site offers astrology as a way to find inner peace, we also offer a free psychic reading as well as information on your past life and your soulmate...

Women's Exercise Network

It is so much easier to get out there and work out when you have someone to work out and share your goals with. That's what this great site is for!

Workout Equipment

Get the best workout with the best workout equipment! Sculpt and shape every muscle group with this simple solution

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