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Benefits of exchanging links

The world-wide-web is based on the concept of topical linking.

Improve your website!

- receive more interested visitors
- gain higher "link popularity"
(the number of links on other sites that point to your site)
- acheive better search engine rankings
(how near the top of the search results your listing appears)

We have found that there is no point in having a lovely site if nobody can find it. If a website is a rewarding experience and provides links to useful and interesting content visitors will keep coming back for more. Don't worry about links pointing away from your site. If you never get many visitors there in the first place its not going to be an issue!

Gaining top search engine listings can be difficult but by seeking topic related links pointing to your site you can dramatically increase the numbers of visitors you receive.

You'll probably find that by acquiring these links and the increased visitor numbers that search engine listings will also improve. Why you might ask?

A double benefit explained

Search engines position your site in their search results according to complicated and various means

One influencing factor is "link popularity". Basically they are assessing the importance of your site by how many sites link to it. Note: A link to yours from a site that has lots of links to it (an important site - with a high link popularity rating) is worth more than from a site, which nobody has linked to.

Create a directory of links about a topic or topics related to your business, company or industry. Get more links, get more traffic! Exchange links with other sites. Be found by the engines and directories. Linking is great for everyone. We want Business and Government Grants link partners. Be part of a great link exchange program.

If you would like to exchange links with us, please reciprocate with a link back from a links page on your site. You may also include a description 200 characters or less. Please add the following information before emailing us.

Title (link text): Credit Smart Book

Description: Get Smart About Credit. Take steps to Smart Credit. Get your credit and debt under control. Build your credit, wipe out debt and lower your bills.

Please email us at : with the URL where you placed our link, include your Title, URL, and Description and we will add your link within 24-72 hours.

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Thank you for exchanging reciprocal links with Credit Smart Book!

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